A team of digital and training experts.

TANu.io is edited by the team of TANu Digital , a digital agency which supports for over 15 years companies of all sizes, large groups, SMEs, very small businesses, in their digital projects and a digital training center , which helps teams of its customers to better understand the impacts of digital on the business.

A digital agency...

For years we have helped VSEs, SMEs, large groups to implement digital transformation projects, e-commerce, we were pioneers of virtual reality in Second Life, we created an e-commerce platform used today by thousands of professional customers of Crédit Agricole. Convinced that digital must also serve useful causes, we launched a cooperative offering the Tookets.com participatory patronage service. used by more than a million French people to finally embark on the TANu.io adventure.

Carry out a digital maturity diagnosis for your team
Talk about digital with your employees

A training center ...

TANu Digital is a training center, we work in the field face-to-face with VSEs, SMEs and mid-caps in our territory. This is what allows us to keep an objective and operational vision of the digital problems of companies and training needs.

TANu Digital is a training organization specializing in digital, activity declaration registered under number 75640453064 with the prefect of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. And "Datadocké" which facilitates the management of our training by OPCOs.

Two founders.

David Castéra

A digital specialist, he created and directed the innovative digital agency Immersive Lab before launching TANu.io with firm intention. to allow companies to implement efficient digital projects and tools by involving employees and therefore training them . At TANu Digital, David coordinates the development of new products and regularly participates in training.

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Betty Castéra

Educational Manager, specialist in marketing and training. Betty heads the JBP training organization and invented, with her partner, a method of GoFutur orientation coaching which she disseminates across the French territory via a network of licensed tradesmen. At TANu Digital she coordinates the training activity by ensuring that the training offer meets high-level educational standards.

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A team of experts.

As well as a team of digital experts: developers, web designers, writers, consultants and training: trainers, educational/curriculum developers.

TANu Digital, a digital training offer built by digital professionals for businesses

Devenir un ambassadeur numérique de son entreprise

Les entreprises ont besoin de collaborateurs experts dans leur métier et leurs produits, mais capables de comprendre les enjeux digitaux, capables d’accompagner leurs collègues, capables de prendre la parole sur les réseaux sociaux : des Ambassadeurs digitaux. Mais il faut les former...
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Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur le site Internet

Cette journée de formation permettra aux participants de découvrir tout ce qui fait un bon site, afin de les aider à mener à bien leur futur projet web, de parler avec les différents prestataires en maîtrisant parfaitement la chaine de fabrication, son utilisation et éviter tous les écueils qui aboutissent à un site inutilisé ou inutilisable.
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Construire sa stratégie et sa présence sur Internet.

Site web, Google My business, Facebook, Linkedin, publicités, cette journée de formation permettra aux participants de découvrir les principales plateformes permettant de créer une présence en ligne efficace, de générer des contacts, des visites et des ventes.
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