Evaluate the digital skills of candidates during your next recruitments

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Have your candidates take the TANu test, check the Social Selling Index or the Skorr, use as many indicators possible that will allow you to go beyond the use of the Office suite and ensure the digital maturity of a candidate when you have your next recruiting interviews.

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Why assess a candidate's digital skills?

We are aware that ensuring the digital level of a candidate is not always easy during a recruitment, as the field is vast, changing and still very new despite the place it takes today in our professional daily newspapers.

However, it is more than ever necessary to integrate into the teams employees with the digital knowledge required to exercise their profession and bring in the company the skills necessary for its transformation. Going digital during a recruitment interview becomes easy with TANu. HR teams now have a tool allowing them to approach this topic during an interview with full knowledge of the facts, based on quantified elements and on concrete questions.

Aborder le numérique durant un entretien de recrutement devient aisé avec TANu

How to assess the digital skills of a candidate?

Take a TANu digital culture test, a quick solution to integrate into your recruitment sessions, whether during interviews or when submitting your application. By evaluating the candidate on his computer skills, internet, social networks, technology or digital economy , as well as on more specific subjects depending on the profession (RGDP, Blockchain, E-commerce, the list is long of digital skills constituting the basic foundation of a profession today) you will have as many indicators that will allow you to make sure to a candidate’s digital maturity .

Evaluate the digital maturity of your candidates.

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