The School, the resource center for digital training.

It’s not enough to take a test to evaluate yourself and others, even if it gives you awareness of your direction. L’École TANu (The TANu School) is the ideal complement to the test by providing employees with materials for effective and empowering self-guided training.

L'École TANu offers dozens of free, freemium or paid learning resources

The scores obtained in the various categories of the TANu test are used to select the resources and to classify them by progress index for the user.

L'École TANu offers dozens of free, freemium or paid resources in all the categories covered by the test: IT, social networks, digital economy, technology and Internet. The resources come in different formats: videos, podcasts, serious games, documentaries, MOOCs and more ...

The best content to improve your digital culture in one place.

The Internet is full of resources. In L’École TANu, we select, test and classify the best of them to enable your employees to progress and organize their digital newsfeed.

They will also be able to share their Wishlist with their training department who will be able to better understand and meet their expectations and training needs.

The best content to improve your digital culture in one place.

To go further: courses and other training opportunities.

To complete the self-guided training process, and because the company must also be able to implement a collective training plan, The TANu School offers training suggestions employees can follow online or face-to-face.

Our Premium offer valso allows you to add your own courses in the School. These will only be visible to the people you have invited to take the TANu test. So whatever your needs, TANu fits perfectly into your training process.

The personalized self-guided course.

After taking the Universal Digital Culture Test, whether for an evaluation or recruitment, the user has access to a personalized self-guided training course.

L’École TANu self-guided study course is the perfect tool for your employees looking to progress in the digital world.

Your employees will be able to use the LÉcole TANu for :

• Improve their digital knowledge,

• Engage themselves in the self-guided training course,

• Register for trainings,

• Become an active player in your company’s digital transformation.

1 Diagnosis of digital culture with

2 Training with

3 Assessment of progress with

Measure progress, provoke curiosity.

Test the usefulness of your training activities in the blink of an eye with the trend charts in your company account.

Measure progress, provoke curiosity.

By offering the test regularly (once or twice a year) you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the training and ensure that your teams progress in their digital culture.

The test questions and resources of the School are updated daily. By regularly passing the TANu test, you make sure to challenge your employees with the constant changes of the digital world.