5 categories to test the general digital culture to which additional skills can be added.

IT, Internet, Social Networks, Technology and E-business are the 5 skill blocks of general digital culture which make up the TANu test to which it is possible to add additional skills according to your needs. They will be very useful when recruiting by example to ensure you digital knowledge in a trade, a technology, or a particular software.

Data processing

Digital maturity begins with a good mastery of equipment (computers, tablets, keyboards) and software (office automation, anti-virus ...). Without this, it's difficult to feel comfortable, to reply to a client by email or chat, to write an article on the company's blog, to find information on the internet ...

5 categories to test the general digital culture to which additional skills can be added.


Digital is, above all, the web. This category addresses the major Internet topics: the tools, how it functions, the game rules, security, its actors and more. To know the web well is to communicate well, to know how to find information, how to find customers …

Social Networks

Social networks have become so important today that it seemed important to us to make a separate category. After all, for some the Internet is synonymous with Facebook. In this category we will discover many social networks, issues regarding e-reputation, security, and social selling.


Digital is not just the Internet and social networks. Connected objects, Blockchains, drones, 3D printing and many other possibilities are regularly subjected to new uses and are squeezed into our daily lives at work, at home and in our activities.


How digital is reinventing business, what the economic models are that recompose the business world, who the players are in the digital world and how large companies can adapt are all topics covered in this category.

Complementary categories

In addition to these categories of questions common to all users, you can customize your test sessions by adding additional categories of questions! We have a wide choice of categories that we make available to our customers according to their needs.

TANu DigComp + Green IT

By combining the TANu core curriculum with the 5 categories of the European Union DigComp repository and the GreenIT module, you are offering your teams a real test certifying their digital culture, their digital agility and their ambition for responsible digital. The Digcomp 2.1 repository is organized into 5 areas of digital skills for the citizen declined on TANu in 5 complementary categories which can be used independently or together: (DigComp) Information and data , which relates to the search for information, (DigComp) Communication and collaboration , (DigComp) Content creation , (DigComp) Cybersecurity (Protection and security) that you will find in our pack certifying TANu Safety, and (DigComp) Digital environment .

TANu Safety

TANu Safety is an evaluation or certification test of one hour, combining the TANu core curriculum with 5 questions about Cybersecurity, Privacy, RGDP, Ereputation and GreenIT.

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Digital skills TANu test

E-banking, Blockchain, Assurtech, Etourism, Emedia, Accounting, Office 365, Webmarketing ... we already have a wide choice of complementary categories. If you are interested in offering a complimentary category to your guests, contact us !

Custom categories on quote

TANu adapts to the specific needs of your business.
It is possible to develop categories of complementary questions for you and with you. These customized categories will be private: they will only be seen and used by you.

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