TANu Safety, a certification to validate your ability to use the Internet in a secure, responsible and sustainable way.

In addition to the 5 categories of the TANu test , TANu Safety offers you 5 complementary themes that will allow you to measure, improve and certify your skills and those of your employees in the face of dangers digital technology both for the security of your business but also for the protection of privacy and the environment: Cybersecurity, Privacy, RGDP, E-reputation, Green IT .


To master digital tools (hardware or software) and the Internet, it is necessary to feel secure and therefore knowing how to protect yourself from the many cyber threats that cause a strong feeling of insecurity in the digital world: viruses, malware, ransomware are just a few examples of topics covered in this category linked to the DigComp repository of the European Union .

TANu Safety : assessement cybersecurity and privacy skills


Know the consequences on his private life of using the Internet, Facebook, mobiles, and know how to preserve it as best as possible without cutting off from the modern world and technology, this is the challenge of this block of skills so important in a world that seems to be moving towards general surveillance.


Knowing how to protect your privacy is good, it's important. But knowing how to protect that of others in the course of his work is just as important. This category allows you to validate his knowledge of the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data in force since 2018 for any company wishing to work with citizens of the European Union.


The use of social networks, forums, blogs necessarily exposes us to the judgment of our colleagues, customers, friends but also of strangers. It is therefore necessary to be able to control the scope of its publications in order to preserve its reputation, or rather its E-reputation. The same as that of his company when speaking as a professional.


Do you know to what extent technologies, our digital uses and our digital life have an environmental influence? Are you able to identify good and bad digital practices to preserve our planet ? This is what this Green IT category will allow you to assess. You will certainly not send more emails with 100 people in copy after that.

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TANu Safety certification procedures


You can take TANu Safety into assessment, into assessment. To do this, simply create classic test sessions by adding the 5 complementary categories.

Your employees will then have a classic TANu passport, and you will be able to define the efforts to provide in terms of training and offer them the contents of the School for self-study .
It's already a big step towards a safer business ...


You have trained your teams and you want to offer them to certify their skills in cybersecurity, privacy or e-reputation.

We organize, with you, more supervised certification sessions in order to guarantee fair conditions for passing the TANu Safety certification for all people.

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