Help your students cope with the digital challenges of their future employers.

Help your students improve their digital culture and prepare for the world that awaits them with TANu.

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The working world is changing.

It's a safe bet that your students are not yet fully aware of the digital impact on the careers they are destined for.

This is a cultural subject much more vast than the mere knowledge of social networks or mastering the most recently released connected device.

In addition to the technical knowledge of their future profession, students must be equipped to understand the many challenges their future employers face today: cyber-crime, E-reputation, E-marketing, E-commerce, Uberisation, dematerialization , automation…

The TANu test allows your students to challenge their digital culture in the context of the working world, as well as to progress, with our renewed and regularly updated resource center at, l’École TANu.

Test the digital culture of the candidates from the start

As with recruitment, you could submit candidates to the digital literacy test at the beginning of their studies at your institution. This is a very simple way of approaching the digital awareness subject related to the professions for which you prepare them.

Give your students a distinguished edge on their resume

In addition to the 5 main categories on the TANu test, you can add additional sections from our library or include a thematic group specific to your internal needs.

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