Customize your TANu experience.

Even though the TANu platform is universal, we understand the importance of being connected to your company or trade. That's why we give you the opportunity to fully customize your TANu experience. Contact us now to discuss how.

TANu in your image

TANu in your image

Do you want to give tests that reflect your company or event?

With the Premium and Premium+ Account, the entire TANu Test is yours to color: a graphic interface of the test, personalized email invitations and your logo on the passports.

Contact us for a Premium Account quote!

Testing and self-study courses tailored to your business

Would you like to add a category of questions dedicated to the your company’s issues?

Do you have resources you would like to add to the School for only those whom you invite to see?

This is all possible!

Testing and self-study courses tailored to your business

A TANu closer to your needs

Everything is possible to improve the digital culture of your employees. If you need a TANu closer to your needs contact-us for a quote !

• Result analysis support and recommendations for action,

• The TANu test in your HRIS or Intranet,

• An event application,

• Training, a seminar, a customized event,

• An escape game.

Personalize your TANu experience.

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