Prepare your employees to face the challenges of digital transformation.

The Internet and technology play a big role in the process of digital integration, therefore, it is essential that the digital culture of your teams is up to the current challenges.

Perform a digital maturity diagnosis of your team.

What is their actual digital culture? How do they visualize incorporating digital in their daily work? Do they have ideas or constraints? The best way to know is to inquire. A TANu test can be used to make an inventory of their digital knowledge which can follow an individual or collective interview (online questionnaire). This permits everyone to express themselves by directing the discussion on the vision rather than on expectations …

Perform a digital maturity diagnosis of your team.
Abordez le numérique avec vos collaborateurs

Discuss digital technology with your employees

As a business executive, manager or HR manager, you have many opportunities to talk to your employees individually. This is the perfect opportunity to address issues related to digital technology ... a subject that often generates tension and fear.

TANu will allow you to approach this subject in a simple, objective way to explain the stakes and to set progress objectives without stress. L'École (The School) will enrich the discussion between employees and HR teams by offering training and self-guided training courses following the test.

Detect the ambassadors.

There is no doubt that there are employees on your teams who may not be digital specialists, but whose culture and interest in digital technology make them likely candidates for helping their colleagues with this subject. They may even be able to carry out internal digital transformation projects. TANu will help you detect them.

In addition, you may be surprised to discover employees possessing a digital culture and a vision of the future that you are not aware of and which can be very useful.

Train and evaluate progress.

TANu is not just a test. It is also a resource center for self-guided study and training on the different digital themes covered in the test.

By offering a TANu account to your employees, you’re giving them access to a collection of selected resources that are classified and updated. There are courses as well as self-guided study options before going further, if necessary. L’École TANu (The TANu School) is a great way to encourage your employees’ personal efforts within the framework of the company.

By giving the test regularly you can evaluate the relevance of the trainings or acculturation implemented throughout the year.

So that digital transformation prepares for a digitized future "100% human" use TANu

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