There is no digital transformation without digital culture within the teams.
With the TANu assessments, companies are able to assess the digital skills of their employees, to measure the digital culture of candidates during recruitment.

L'écosystème du recrutement

Are you recruiting ? Don't forget to assess the digital culture of your candidates.

Improving the digital maturity of your organization, depends on your ability to integrate your employees and bring awareness to the world in which they live.

TANu offers a test to evaluate the digital skills of the candidates in a simple and direct manner during your recruitment interviews.

In 30 minutes and 90 questions the TANu test allows you to measure a candidate’s level of digital knowledge.

Formation au numérique

Digital transformation begins with employee training and culture.

Digital transformation represents multiple challenges for companies and people: security, e-business, dematerialization, or uberisation of products and services..

Many employees may find themselves at a disadvantage if they are not supported by their employer.

We help you discover your teams’ needs to provide adapted and personalized feedback..

Small Businesses, Small to medium Entreprises, or large companies ...
Do you know the digital maturity of your employees?

Whatever the size of your organization, you need to prepare for the large transformations that digital causes. Are your employees or future employees ready?

Le passeport illustre la maturité numérique de vos collaborateurs

Find your digital ambassadors.

There are surely women and men on your teams who can help you carry the company's digital projects or support colleagues because they already have an understanding of the digital challenges you face.

With TANu, find these Digital Champions and allow them to progress further.

Évaluation des candidats

Support digital
inclusion of your teams.

TANu allows you to approach the digital realm in a cultural, objective way, to explain the stakes and to set objectives for progress without excessive tension.

The School will enrich the discussion between employees and HR teams by offering training and self-guided training courses following the assessment.

CV : intégrer la note de maturité digitale

Help your students cope with the digital challenges of their future employers.

The professional world is changing, and it's a safe bet that your students are not yet fully aware of the digital impact on the careers they intend to have.

Our educational offer is intended for schools, universities, or other training institutions.