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Modification from 22/05/2017: modification of the Personal Data rubrique: Protection of Personal Data Processing Agreement (GDPR)


Acceptance and Modification of the Terms of Service

The User  of the services offered by the Site is subject to the complete prior acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Service (hereinafter "TOS") when connecting to the Site with his or her User ID for the first time.

The TOS can be modified or completed at any time. The User is informed of changes to the Terms of Service by e-mail. The user will also be invited to accept the TOS when logging on to the Site.

The TOS article titles are given for information and reference purposes and do not define or limit in any way their content.

The TOS govern the relationship  between the User, signer of the Terms of Service, and TANu Digital LLC, publisher and manager of the Site.



TANu is the company administering  the Digital Agility Test which is comprised of 5 main categories (IT, Internet, Social Networks, Digital Economy, Technology) and secondary categories (sectorial, internal) that can be developed.


A session is a TANu test that takes place on a specific day or during a period of time determined by the Organizing Company.

The Organizing Company

The Organizing Company is the organization arranging the test sessions. The company invites users at its discretion to take one or more TANu tests. 


Identifiers are the User's ID and are composed of an email address and a password and allow the user to connect to his or her profile on the Site.


A Profile is the page allocated to the User and is accessible directly after Site login using appropriate ID.  The TANu Passport can be managed from the User’s Profile page.


The Site refers to the web application accessible at the address: http://www.tanu.io or any other application allowing the interaction with the website http://www.tanu.io. For example, a mobile application that is published by the Distributor or by TANu Digital LLC. Members ( a Company or a User) can create their Profile or identify themselves on the Site. The service offered by TANu Digital LLC is managed on this Site.

Description of TANu service

TANu is a digital agility test. This is a digital culture test with a core of 90 general multiple-choice questions. The duration of a basic TANu test is 30 minutes.

The duration of the test can be extended if additional modules are added by the Companies requesting the test sessions.

The Site therefore allows:

- Companies :

To create test sessions;
To invite Users;
To consult individual test results;
To consult the collective test statistics

- Users :

To take TANu tests;
To build their digital passport and to position themselves among other test-takers;
Access to self-guided study resources related to their TANu test results;
To consult their testing history.

Creating a user profile

To take a TANu test, the User must create a Profile after receiving an invitation from a Company and accept theTerms of Service.

The following information is required to create a Profile: first and last names, email address and password. The User must identify himself or herself in order to connect to his or her profile. In order to use the services, the User must:    

1. Be at least 15 years old and be able to sign a contract;  
2. Complete the registration form;    
3. Accept the TOS and the processing of personal data protection agreement;    
4. Possess actual, complete, and up-to-date contact information.

By using the service, the User affirms that he or she meets all the conditions listed above, and that he or she will not use the service in a manner that violates any laws or regulations. Note that by representing and guaranteeing, the User makes a legally enforceable promise.

TANu Digital may refuse services, close User accounts and change the eligibility conditions at any time.



The User chooses the password during the initial registration. The password must contain at least 8 characters including at least one lowercase, one uppercase, and one number.

The User is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his or her user ID and any actions that could be made in his or her name result from their use.

In the case of forgetting a password, the User can create a new one from the identification page. An email will be sent with a link inviting the User to reset the password.

The User agrees to implement all necessary means to maintain Profile confidentiality and to immediately inform TANu Digital LLC of any fraudulent use of this Profile by unauthorized third parties to the following address: support @ tanu.fr.

TANu Digital LLC cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or other damages occurring in the case of a violation of these obligations.

Deleting the profile

- By the user

The User may delete his or her  Profile at any time in the section "Your Profile / Delete your account". Profile deletion results in the loss of the TANu tests carried out. The User will not be able to refer to TANu during a recruitment interview in particular.

- By TANu Digital

In case of fraud or User infringement to all or in part of the TOS, TANu Digital LLC reserves the right to delete the User’s profile, permanently or temporarily, without prior notice and without prejudice to the rights and actions against it. The User will be notified by email to the address entered at the time of registration of the Profile deletion. All of the User’s test results will then be permanently deleted.

User commitments

The User is solely responsible for choosing the answers he gives when taking a TANu test.

The User agrees to comply with the rules and uses enforced on the Internet known as Netiquette and the various codes of ethics.

When using the Site’s blog, the User also agrees to be courteous when interacting with other TANu Digital LLC users, employees and representatives.

TANu Digital LLC Commitments

TANu Digital LLC is committed to making  the necessary tools available to Site Users in order to carry out the tests submitted by the issuing Companies.

Users will be able to access their profile, take their tests, consult previous tests, and distribute their TANu passport.

Site Access

Using the Site implies the knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet concerning, in particular, the possible risks of virus contamination. Therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect his or her own data, computer systems or software.

The Site is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, except in cases of a force majeure or third party operations.

TANU Digital LLC reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify without notice the access to all or part of the Site for maintenance, or for any other reason, without liability.

TANu Digital LLC declines any responsibility in case of misuse or incidents related to computer use, Internet access, server maintenance or malfunction, telephone lines or any other technical connections.

Access and use of the Site are free. The costs of accessing and using the telecommunication network are at your expense, according to the terms and conditions set by your access providers and telecommunication operators.

TANu Digital LLC can not be held liable for any damages that may be endured by your technical environment, including your network equipment, computers, software or any other material used to access or use the service and / or information.


Any Site User can access the blog available on the Site from the "Blog" icon and on which articles written by TANu Digital LLC are published online. Users can comment on these articles on the Blog.

This service is moderated a priori by TANu Digital LLC. Without preliminary justification TANu Digital LLC has the right to delete ,refuse, or to not publish a contribution, in particular, if it does not respect the GCU or the enforced laws and regulations.

Users are responsible for the content (messages, photos, etc.) they include in their communication, including any content that may be illegal, or contrary to public order and morality.

Users agree, in particular, not to publish the following content on the blog:

1. Hateful, aggressive or discriminatory messages inciting racism, xenophobia, including insinuations discriminating against religion, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation / gender identity, as well as obscene language or pornographic content;

2. Physically, or morally, insulting or defamatory remarks toward anyone;

3. Any message that could be considered as harassment;

4. Any hypertext link to external websites whose content may be contrary to the enforced French laws and regulations or any hypertext link integrated by a User without permission;

5. Any contribution protected by copyright (photos, databases) and / or trademark laws (logos, trademarks) reproduced by a User without permission;

6. Anything that may contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or program that may damage the operation of another computer;

7. Any message containing personal data (eg name, phone number, address).  The mention of personal data by a member is prohibited if it is not personal data for which he or she is responsible to distribute;

8. Any intervention or element that is contrary to the right to privacy and image rights;

9. Any contribution intending to undermine public order or third party rights, in particular to usurp a third party identity by appearing to be a Distributor or TANu Digital LLC ;

10. Any message communicated by a member who impersonates another person;

11. Any message that would violate any other enforced French laws or regulations.


In order to allow or facilitate electronic communication, cookies are installed in the User's computer when he or she accesses the Site. A cookie is a small file, which is put on the hard drive. It records the information related to the computer's navigation but does not allow identification.

A cookie is a non-executable text file, therefore is free of viruses. The User acknowledges having been informed of this practice and authorizes TANu Digital LLC to use it. The User can refuse the installation of cookies by modifying the parameters in the Internet browser (accessible in the « online help » of the browser.  By clicking on the ? in the menu bar , then typing "cookies" in the search window).

However, this modification will delete all cookies used by the browser, including those used by other websites, which may lead to the loss of certain information or settings. The removal of cookies could alter or even make it impossible to access the Site.

Personal data

All information concerning the processing of personal data on the TANu.io website is available on:


By accepting the terms and conditions of use, you declare that you have read this charter and consent to it without reservation.

Intellectual property

The TANu website is considered as an inseparable whole. The Site and all the elements contained therein (information, data, text, sounds, images, drawings, graphics, distinctive signs, logos, brands, etc.) are subject to the Intellectual Property Code provisions and, as such, are protected by law or TOS against any unauthorized use.  TANu Digital LLC and its partners are owners and rights holders of all elements that make up this site.

Any reproduction of these elements is authorized only for information purposes and / or copies or reproductions intended strictly for private or personal use.

Any other reproduction, representation or diffusion of all or part of the Site, on any support or by any process whatsoever, is prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L. 335-2 and, in following the Intellectual Property Code, may result in civil and criminal penalties.

It is especially forbidden to use or reproduce the name "TANu" and / or its logo, alone or in association, for any purpose whatsoever for advertising purposes, in particular,  without the prior written consent of TANu Digital LLC.

In the event of a complaint against TANu Digital LLC or litigation relating to the intellectual property rights of the content put on line by a Site User, the latter  is responsible for communicating the elements of proof or the useful documents to TANu Digital LLC to certify that an intellectual property rights license is held on the online contents in dispute.

Similarly, downloading or any other form of copying software or information on the Site does not grant any rights on these elements. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce them, in whole or in part, to transmit them in any way whatsoever and to modify them. It is also forbidden to use the Site for public or commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of TANu Digital LLC.

Users must also respect the intellectual property rights of other blog Users, in particular, contributions published on the blog should not be reproduced and disseminated on other blogs or other media without the agreement of TANu Digital LLC and / or the third party concerned.

In exchange for the blog use, the User grants TANu Digital LLC non-exclusive license to use the contributions and data published on this blog. TANu guarantees that the information complies with the law and does not in any way infringe on the rights of a third party.

For blog operational purposes,TANu is authorized to reproduce, represent, adapt and translate the contributions and information provided by a Blog User; as well as on any digital recording medium, current or future and, in particular, on any server, hard drive, or any medium allowing data storage, temporarily or permanently.

The User also grants TANu Digital LLC the right to use his or her first name, pseudonym and / or avatar in relation to contributions. It is the User’s responsibility if he or she wishes to use his or her name as a pseudonym or an avatar to be recognized by .

The User acknowledges that there is no moral rights violation when the contributions and / or information are changed by the Site moderator. Changes are made only for technical constraints in order to respect the Site’s graphic agreement or to avoid any format compatibility issues associated with the publication.

TANU Digital LLC offers links on the Site to websites not owned by TANu. These sites were chosen because of the quality of the information they offered at the time the links were created. To the extent that TANu Digital LLC can not control such websites, it can not be held responsible for their availability, contents, products or services.

Conversely, it is prohibited for hyperlink users to make any insertions to the content published on the Site without the prior written permission from Digital TANu LLC.

External websites may reference the Site. TANu Digital LLC has no control or responsibility for the content of sites offering a hypertext link to the Site without the agreement of TANu Digital LLC.


In the case of a suspicious request for information, it is recommended to not enter any information and notify the webmaster at the following address: contact@tanu.io

The TOS are subject to French law. Any disagreement or dispute relating in particular to the application, the execution, the interpretation or the validity of the TOS that is not resolved by amicable means shall be submitted to the competent courts.  Shall one of the TOS stipulations become invalid or unenforceable it will in no way affect the validity of the remaining stipulations which will remain in force.